• Luxury Stewing Box

    Luxury Stewing Box



    A selection of the best cuts of meat for slow-cooking
    Contains 12...
  • Belly Pork Squares

    Belly Pork Squares



    A spectacular cut of Pork

    Weight 220g each, 2 supplied

    Supplied fresh...

  • 2 Alpaca Fillet Steak 250g Pack

    2 Alpaca Fillet Steak 250g Pack



    Sourced from: United Kingdom

    Taste: It has a very mild, almost sweet taste.

    The Fillet is the most tender cut of meat from the Alpaca.

    They are low in fat...

    Out of stock

  • Boneless Half Leg of Pork

    Boneless Half Leg of Pork



    Cut from our selected Free-Range English Rare Breed Pork.
    A traditional roasting joint with delicious crackling.
    Minimum weight 3kg
    Supplied fresh
  • 3kg Pork Loin Boned & Rolled

    3kg Pork Loin Boned & Rolled



    3kg Pork Loin

    Boned and Rolled, with crackling


  • Leg of Lamb - Easy Carve

    Leg of Lamb - Easy Carve



    A whole leg of lamb, prepared by our butchers to make it easy to carve while still leaving a bone for presentation and added flavour
    Minimum weight 2kg.

Allens Weekly Specials

Welcome to Allens of Mayfair

We have spent a lot of time working with the best suppliers in our trade to make sure that every item we sell is from is from the best quality source available.

We know the importance of provenance, and everything sold by us is fully traceable back to the farm.

Allens Online Beef, for instance, is bred for us in the Scottish Highlands, an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is hung for at least 21 days to tenderise the meat and deepen the flavour.

And our Pork is free-range, and from the North York Moors National Park - again, a beautiful part of the country.

We have prime restaurant-style cuts, and also selection boxes, which make the decision of what to buy a little easier.

And everything is sent to you fresh, chilled, and ready to cook.

This makes Allens meat some of the finest you can buy fresh online.