Allens supply Bronze turkey, well renowned for being the most flavoursome and moist when cooked. Our turkeys are slow grown, reared to full maturity, dry plucked and hung for a minimum of seven days to enhance the flavour. Only by using this well refined process can we arrive at the perfect traditional Turkey, with the best flavour, texture, finish and quality.
Our stock is from our farm in Tenterden, Kent.
The birds arrive to us as day-old chicks in June, and remain on the farm for their whole lives.
We are the only major turkey supplier in England that keeps our turkeys on one site. Every other company moves them for slaughter. This adds unneccesarily to food miles, and – more importantly – the stress levels of the birds.

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Posh Sausage Sandwich

The Posh Sausage Sandwich
by Rob Mitchell
Executive Chef at Drake and Morgan


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