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“This week I nipped into Allens on Mount Street. It’s a butcher – particularly strong on game – that was set up in 1830 in Mayfair. I think it’s the oldest butcher in Britain still operating from its original site. Such things are remarkable in a London so deeply concerned about advancement, global dominance and change. Vital, too, I reckon, if we’re to prevent our capital turning into a giant Milton Keynes (Although this month Allen’s is launching a website, of which it is very proud) “

Simon Davis, Evening Standard

“Simon Hopkinson also shows me two unprepared grouse, still with their feathered wings and heads on, and asks me to mention that he buys them from Allens of Mayfair, the best game butcher in town.“

Lynn Barber interviews chef Simon Hopkinson, Observer Food Monthly

“It is worth remembering, though, that some people fail to succumb to grouse’s charms, and not just because you can’t buy them in the supermarket. Soon after the Glorious Twelfth this year I acquired a brace of the birds from Allens. I sat them on some rosemary, covered them in butter and roasted them (for half an hour at 200˚C). They were perfect, with a savoury depth but a pink quiver still in the breast. We ate them with mashed potatoes and a rich gravy, with a tart salad to follow."

Bee Wilson, Sunday Telegraph

“GQ wouldn’t normally get decked out in a butcher’s apron, chain mail glove on one hand and cleaver in the other, but then it’s not every day that you get to attend a masterclass by one of Britain’s best-loved butchers, Allens of Mayfair. When working with Allen’s quality produce and under the guidance of its family-trained butchers, blood and guts are removed. What remains is the art of meat cutting, and it has nothing to do with your knife’s accuracy and angle. Get it right and cutting through the bone and cartilage is like slicing through butter, and there is a deep satisfaction found in sawing through lamb chops and feather-blade steaks. Especially when, at the end of the lesson, you get to take home your produce along with recipes of how to cook it. Supper that night had never tasted so good, or felt so highly rewarded.”


“Britain’s oldest butcher and chefs’ favourite Allens of Mayfair will now sell its meats and new range of condiments via internet. They may be moving with the times but happily some things haven’t changed – there is still an old fashioned approach to quality and an emphasis on traditional cuts.”

Food & Travel

“First opened in 1830, Allens of Mayfair is the oldest British butcher to still operate on its original site and as any visitor to the Mount Street shop can testify, there are few more atmospheric spots to pick up a selection of choice cuts than here. Despite its universal pedigree, this summer sees the firm embrace the modern era by not only launching its own range of condiments – mustards, horseradish, pickles, sauces, chutneys, jelly and honey – but a new website which started this month. That means non-Londoners now get the chance to experience its traditional cuts of meat, poultry and game (plus a summer barbecue box) for themselves.”


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